2017-04-16 22.29.51.jpg

Sometimes, I find myself homesick for a place that was barely my home of a near 8-months. It’s far from here; 9 timezones and thousands of kilometres away.

I haven’t had much time to settle in and I think today is the first day that I’ve had to myself since my return two weeks ago. I’ve been otherwise engaged in school, family or friends. I’ve spent it at a slow pace slowly checking things off my to do list.

I knew I missed the tap water and the air. But I completely forgot how close we are to the mountains. I forgot how high they reach and how snowy they are. I’ve seen mountains in Europe, but none like the ones I’m so familiar with. I forgot how beautiful my school is and how it has an amazing view of the mountains one way, and the city the other.

Slowly, I’ve been merging my two lives together and there haven’t been any crashes yet so all is swell.


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